2000 S. Main
Morton, Illinois

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We are very grateful for all of the patrons that supported our business in 2020. Because of your support, we are currently sold out of all turkeys but have a variety of parts available:
  • Legs/Thighs
  • Wings
  • Giblets
  • Necks
  • Ground turkey burger
  • We will have all new fresh products in November 2021 and look forward to serving you all again.
    While walk-ins are always welcome, we encourage you to reserve your fresh products ahead of time. All products are ordered by the pound, and we encourage estimating approximately 1lb for every person, allowing a small amount for leftovers. If you have any questions, please contact us --we will be happy to help you find exactly what you need. For large quantity orders or gift certificates, please call us for additional information.

    Whole turkey
    Fresh Turkey 20-23 lbs.
    1/2 Fresh turkey
    Hickory Smoked turkey
    1/2 Smoked turkey

    $2.99 lb
    $2.99 lb
    $4.29 lb.
    $4.29 lb.
    A la Carte
    Bone-In Turkey Breast
    Boneless Turkey Breast
    Legs & Thighs
    Neck 4-6 lb package
    Giblets 1-2 lb package
    Wings 4-6 lb package
    Ground Turkey Patties (4)
    Ground Turkey Burger

    $5.09 lb
    $6.99 lb
    $1.99 lb
    $2.29 lb
    $2.29 lb
    $1.29 lb
    $4.99 lb

    Cooking & Handling

    To ensure the highest quality, please keep your fresh turkey products refrigerated at 34 degrees for no longer than three days. Frozen turkeys will require two days to thaw in your refrigerator. Every Yordy Turkey comes with complete baking instructions, family seasoning and a pop-up timer to make your holiday cooking as effortless as possible.